Effective Immediately

  • All patients will be asked to wash their hands upon entry into the facility

  • Only the patient will be allowed into the exam room. All others will be asked to remain in their vehicle (there may be circumstances that would permit another individual in the room with the patient)

  • All patients will be asked to complete a short screening survey on possible exposure to the Coronavirus

  • All patients will have their temperatures taken in the waiting room- if there is a fever higher than 99 degrees - patient will be rescheduled

  • Please NO FOOD OR DRINK- water is permitted

  • Patients are asked to shower and wear clean clothes to their appointment- thus lowering the chances of bringing in viruses into the office.

Please do not come to our office or your appointment if you have a fever, cough, been out of the country or in a highly infected region of the USA.

If you need to cancel your appointment, due to fever or other illness the

NO SHOW- Cancellation Fee will be waived during these times.

We appreciate your efforts in helping us in minimizing the spread of this virus.

Stay Healthy! Wash your hands often and keep your space.


The Mesilla Valley Pain Clinic strives to provide the best pain care available for patients in Las Cruces and the surrounding area. Pain management involves a wide range of options. Medication is only one of the options we utilize. Our focus on interventional treatments such as injections, intrathecal pump implants, and spinal cord stimulators.


We treat the conditions of our patients from the onset of their pain and discomfort. This includes medical testing, procedures, and related pain management. 
We work closely with medical practitioners and provide feedback to them in order to improve a patient’s pain condition. We are proud to be a referral pain clinic for Southern New Mexico.

To be treated at Mesilla Valley Pain Clinic, your primary care physician will need to refer you.

We will then review your information including imaging studies such as MRI, CTs, or X-rays. 


Mesilla Valley Pain Clinic located in Las Cruces, New Mexico, was founded in 2011, but its medical professionals have been providing pain care to the greater New Mexico community since 1998.




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Mesilla Valley Pain Clinic

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